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Cleaning Sterling Silver
If you have silver jewelry that you would like to clean with your Jeweler in the Dishwasher, just follow these simple instructions.

Follow directions for cleaning gold and platinum jewelry.  Run the dishwasher as you normally would, BEFORE the dry cycle begins, remove any silver jewelry and dry with a soft cloth.

Silver rings, necklace, and earrings that do not contain any stones, enamel or glue can be placed in the Jeweler in the Dishwasher.  Only silver mountings that contain rubies, diamonds, sapphires, moissanite, cubic zirconia, or any synthetic birthstones can be placed inside the Jeweler in the Dishwasher.  NEVER place jewelry inside the Jeweler in the Dishwasher that contains glue or enamel.
Jeweler in the Dishwasher